About Denise Anzellotti


Being brought up in Heidelberg/Eaglemont, I have been surrounded by the arts, works of impressionism and realism as the famous painters of the Heidelberg arts school had once created before me.  Having travelled far and wide as a young and independent woman and experiencing many things, I am now enjoying the process of combining my love for the old and the new arts, sometimes creating pieces with a more contemporary feel, whilst still staying true to my impressionist roots.

During my everyday life, I am constantly with camera in hand capturing the true beauty of the world around me.  Then, with my self-taught computer software skills I am also able to edit these and further paint a piece of artwork which could never be replicated.  My inspiration can come from anywhere, whether it be travelling, on a family outing or just a walk in the park with my Westie and partner in crime, Pablo.

My Blog/Instagram is frequently updated and shows a visual diary of how my work has evolved over the years. I hope you will follow me on my never ceasing journey as I continue to create and explore new skills and experiences along the way...

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Frangipanis in my garden

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