Group Exhibition
Montsalvat Long Gallery
3 November – 27 November

"Tribute – Acknowledgement of gratitude & esteem"

The focus of this exhibition is the artist visually interpreting their personal tribute; whether it be related to a living thing, personal object, painter, writer, performer, musician etc. or other artist who has influenced them with their unique style of work, chosen medium, technique or creative thinking processes.

Group Exhibition
Eltham Library Community Gallery
2 June – 20 June


"Moments in Time"

Through their different perceptions and individual artistic styles, media and techniques, the members of Thou Art Mum hope to capture and share with us a moment of historical or personal significance, a moment of joy, sadness or beauty in all that surrounds and influences us in our lives.

Group Exhibition
Bridges Restaurant & Function Centre
1 August to 9 September

"Snapshot – Looking at Life’s Small Wonders"

For this exhibition, the women looked at childhood memories, sentimental objects and moments in time.

The Vines Café
1 July to 28 July

"Art Four Ways"

Four artists joining together portraying their own style of art in their favourite medium.

Group Exhibition
Eltham Library Community Gallery
4 July to 5 August

"Iconically Australian"

Exploring Australia’s identity by reflecting on themes, including places, history and their personal narratives.

Group Exhibition
Montsalvat “Long Gallery”
2 April to 11 May

"Trees, branching out" -  “The Tree show”

Trees hold a rich history alongside mankind. Admired for their majestic beauty, cut down and carved into objects of practical use and enjoyment, or planted purposefully to create barriers, commemorative sites or a source of nourishment, the humble tree has many stories to tell. This exhibition highlights the diversity, symbolism and aesthetic charm of the often overlooked tree

Group Exhibition
Gasworks Gallery, Albert Park
19th  August to 14th September

"On the Surface"

Exploring pattern and texture
The ACMD Art Group Exhibition
St. Vincent’s Hospital
18th August - 28th August

"Art in Science, Science in Art"

Exploring the relationship between these two disciplines and highlighting the creative intersection that exists there.

"Up, Up and Away" 

2015 March - Group Exhbition

Montsalvat - “Long Gallery”

June - 2015
Victorian Artists Society "Winter Group Exhibition"

September - 2015
Victorian Artists Society "Spring Group Exhibition"

November- 2015
Victorian Artists Society "Little Treasures Exhibition"

April - May 2016 - Group Exhibition - "Red, Scarlet Stories"
Monstsalvat - Long Gallery

May - 2017
"Layers, what lies beneath"
Group Exhibition
Monstsalvat - Long Gallery

May - 2018
"In the Pink"
Group Exhibition
Monstsalvat - Long Gallery

June - 2018
Victorian Artists Society "Winter Group Exhibition"

July - 2018

Victorian Artists Society "Plein Air Group Exhibition"

September - 2018

Victorian Artists Society "Spring Group Exhibition"

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