Wednesday 3 May 2017

Sunset - Phillip Island Yacht Club, Victoria


Frame : slimline hardwood box frame
Dimensions:  W74cm x H64cm,   Depth: 5 1/2cm


'The layers of existence which light the sky'                                               

Like a mother watches her child, the sky watches the people of the earth. It sees us grow and change through the years, the many layers we develop though our skin seemingly thin. The sky too, develops layers, the beautiful and serene layers of colour it produces each evening at sunset and the stunning view as the sun rises on a new day. Our lives are lived with a kind of ignorance to the world around us, yet as we grow, the sky with its many layers is there, listening and observing contently for that day when we find ourselves in this busy world ready to breakout of the layers of society and conformity. 

Camberwell Art Show 2017

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